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What is upcycling

Upcycling is the step before recycling - Re-thinking waste and creating practical, useful and beautiful works from it!

What does Upcycle offer you?

Upcycle is here to make a difference to the planet by helping find the perfect soloutions to your waste issues.

Upcycle offers a range of services including :

Upcycle ideas

Im doing some Christmas in July decor so i have decided to go for very earthy colours and taking all the bright colours out of Christmas by going white, brown, and maybe just a little red. Im going to stick to colours that naturally show due to them being part of the item getting an upcycle makeover!
I started with this Christmas tree that has so far totally blown the plain colour theory out the water as this magazine was so colourful, but its to cute not to include in the mix.


All it needs now is a star or two and maybe an angel.

Coke bottle curtain

This is a coke bottle and bottle top curtain that i made for a client to bring colour to a wall. This is easy to do and you can make one to. All i did was make holes in the lids of the bottle tops and thread them together with gut and beads. The colour flower coke bottle parts are painted with glass paint.

coke bottle curtain

Our latest free recycling projects for you to try:

Recycled button keyring

recycle button keyring

Use up all your old buttons and make this beautiful keyring for your home or car keys!

Decoupage lamp

upcycled lamp

Use up all your old serviettes and create this one-of-a-kind upcycled lamp to brighten up your home!

Plastic woven clock

plastic woven clock

Old milk bottles are given a new lease of life in this step by step and turned into a beautiful clock for your kitchen.

Matchbox drawers

recycled match box drawers

Turn your old match boxes into a beautiful set of drawers to store your jewellery or bits and bobs in.

Wooden maths blocks

wooden math blocks

Follow these instructions and turn old bits of wood into an educational toy for your children.

Toilet roll flowers

toilet roll flower

Create wall decorations that are simple and quick giving any room a real art deco make over.

Tin can candle holder

upcycled tin can candle holder

This easy wooden block, tin can candle holder is so easy to make and create! All you need is a piece of wood (ours is from a wooden pallet), some tin cans, a lick of paint and some screws!

Wooden love blocks

upcycle wooden love blocks

No one will guess these Valentine's gifts were made by recycling old wooden pallets that were destined for a landfill site!

Paper mache heart hanging

upcycle heart decore

Create beautiful upcycled heart decor using paper mache beads! Make stunning, handmade gifts for your loved ones, perfect for Valentine's Day.

Paper beads

paper beads

Turn a pile of old magazines into some stylish jewellery for yourself and your friends! Follow these instructions and see how easy it is to upcycle your magazines.

Pencil hairclip

pencil hairclip

An excellent use for all your old pencils, upcycle them into a beautiful and funky hairclip!

Weaving box

weaving box

This is a fantastic way to reuse an old cardboard box, turn it into a weaving box and teach your kids all about weaving!

Mosaic cd case picture frame

mosaic cd case picture frame

A picture frame with a twist, it is simple and fun, you get to use anything you can dream of to use as a mosaic tile.

Milk bottle earrings

upcycled milk bottle earrings

Create a beautiful pair of earrings for yourself or a friend by following our easy step by step upcycling instructions.

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