Upcycle Products

We invite you to consider our Upcycle community made products, knowing that your investment of corporate gifts will sustain livelihoods and be part of the movement of people and companies changing our world by making better consumer choices.

Humanity has evolved to a greater understanding of the cycle of all things and with regard to waste, we look through different eyes and redefine what we purchase and decisions that inform our buying power.

It is because of companies truly engaging with their corporate social investment policies and actions that fulfil the greater shared value economy that upcycling propagates.

The Upcycle creative team facilitates the full cycle of waste innovation through training, development, support, and marketing of the merchandise and so tying together the circular green economy with radical reform and impact to social accountability and environmental impact.

The Upcycle product is the final output of waste that has been through the regenerative Upcycle handling process and so has avoided land fill. Upcycle Creative continuously innovates the renewed usage of waste and has developed a variety of people in communities across South Africa by training them to create new value-added products.

Upcycle anti waste products in stock

Upcycle anti waste has been set up and ready to help industry to dispose of waste that can easily be used in other small scale business.

Upcycle anit waste is redirecting waste out of landfill by creating usable, salable product ideas from industry. We create ideas and help market the concepts to up and coming entrepreneurs to encourage use of recycled rather that new!

We can use your old buttons, scraps of fabric, perspex, broken toys, old paint...... We create, we craft and we create employment!

Come visit us for you next school project or art challenge, we will have the perfect thing just for you!

Anti-waste is an initiative by Upcycle to help people to reuse and recycle waste products either for the use in crafts, Upcycle projects or even building roads!!



List current as of 17 March 2017 (we have tones of new stuff all the time and this list is only some of it!!)

Upcycle Fountaingate Warehouse Stock Sheet
Description Location Quantity Price
Fibreglass Chopped Loose Strands Top Shelf 0.5 R 200.00
Fibreglass Chopped Strand Mat 4.5 sqm Top Shelf 17 R 200.00
Cut Foam Pieces Top Shelf 2 R 100.00
Rolled Foam Pieces Top Shelf 1 R 50.00
Polystyrene Squares Top Shelf 11 R 10.00
Polystyrene Pieces Top Shelf 1 R 50.00
Wooden Coat Hangers Top Shelf 65 R 5.00
Bubble Wrap Top Shelf 0.1 R 0.00
Books C1 - R1 26 R 5.00
Books C1 - R2 33 R 5.00
Encyclopaedia C1 - R3 11 free
Encyclopaedia C1 - R4 13 free
Encyclopaedia C1 - R5 19 free
Cenolite 300 C2 - R1 5 R 45.00
Pipe Cleaners (Decorative) C2 - R2  1 R 25.00
Door Knobs C2 - R2  20 R 5.00
Hinges (Kitchen Cupboards) C2 - R2  17 R 10.00
Dentist Pliers C2 - R2  12 R 5.00
Mosaic #5 C2 - R2  2 R 5.00
Mosaic Africa Blank C2 - R2  3 R 15.00
Mosaic Letters Blank C2 - R2  4 R 10.00
Tree French Knitting C2 - R2  30 R 5.00
Decoupage Blank C2 - R2  25 R 5.00
Mosaic Blanks C2 - R2  20 R 5.00
Wooden Blocks Small C2 - R3 200 R 1.00
Wooden Blocks Square C2 - R3 40 R 5.00
Canvas Stretch Wedges C2 - R3 125 R 2.00
Wooden Cross on a Stick (Church Projects) C2 - R4 1 R 300.00
Wooden Finials C2 - R5 7 R 5.00
Wooden Shapes (Painted) C2 - R5 100 R 5.00
Cenolite 300 C3 - R1 3 R 45.00
Wooden Violin Project C3 - R2 1 R 150.00
Baskets Small Project C3 - R2 8 R 10.00
Hard Drive Stepper Motors C3 - R3 16 R 10.00
Electronic Embellishments C3 - R3 100 R 1.00
Sheet Music Project C3 - R4 10 R 5.00
Rolls C3 - R4 1 R 100.00
Plastic C3 - R4 1 R 100.00
Bantex Bins  C3 - R5 6 R 2.00
Plastic Bread Tags C4 - R1 7 R 50.00
Plastic Filler (small pieces) C4 - R1 1 R 5.00
Picture Slides C4 - R2 500 R 0.50
Tin Cut Flowers C4 - R2 8 R 2.00
Small Badges with pin C4 - R2 50 R 0.50
Slide Projector Rotunda C4 - R2 2 R 10.00
Polystyrene Felt Covered Squares (Noticeboards) C4 - R3 5 R 10.00
Clock Stuff C4 - R3 10 R 10.00
Clocks Complete ( Welcome Aboard) C4 - R3 3 R 50.00
Coloured Pencils C4 - R4 5 R 1.00
Roller Skates C4 - R4 3 R 15.00
Occasions Goodies and Hats C4 - R5 30 R 5.00
Metal Can Pull Rings C5 - R1 12 R 10.00
Brass Bells C5 - R1 6 R 6.00
Grass Coasters (Felt) C5 - R2 150 R 1.00
Pencil Cases ( Assorted) C5 - R2 11 R 5.00
Chip and Chocolate Foil Packets C5 - R3 12 R 2.00
Incense Tubes  C5 - R4 15 R 5.00
Polystyrene Balls C5 - R4 42 R 3.00
Decoupage Embellishments C5 - R4 0 R 1.00
Ribbons & Raffia C5 - R5 10 R 10.00
Fabric Tape (Peach) C5 - R5 100 R 5.00
Fabric Tape (Gold Thread) C5 - R5 100 R 10.00
Paper Cards C5 - R5 100 R 1.00
Off-Cut Plastic Contact  C6 - R1 0 R 5.00
Scrapbooking Art C6 - R2 0 R 5.00
Scrapbooking Art C6 - R3 0 R 5.00
Shell Embellishments C6 - R4 0 R 1.00
Wire Scraps C6 - R4 1 R 5.00
Resin Embellishments C6 - R5 0 R 0.00
Plastic Tubs C6 - R5 50 R 1.00
Metal Goodies C7 - R1 3 R 20.00
Hose Pipe Fittings C7 - R2 24 R 5.00
Fishing Hooks C7 - R2 1 R 15.00
Chair Feet C7 - R2 1 R 2.00
Plastic Rings 40mm C7 - R2 200 R 1.00
Ampoule Snap Offs (Glass) C7 - R3 20 R 5.00
Suction Cups Clear C7 - R3 6 R 1.00
Picture Frame Support Clips C7 - R3 16 R 5.00
Assorted Plastic Pieces C7 - R3 0 R 0.00
Small Plastic Tic Tac Containers C7 - R4 50 R 5.00
Keyboard Keys (Plastic) C7 - R4 5 R 5.00
Plastic Frames Assorted C7 - R5 5 R 5.00
Sand Art Sand Assorted Colours C8 - R1 6 R 5.00
Fabric Craft Flowers C8 - R1 2 R 5.00
Glass Jars C8 - R2 1 R 5.00
Shot Glasses C8 - R2 12 R 2.00
Glass Vase (small) C8 - R2 3 R 20.00
Fairy Jewellery Box Project C8 - R2 2 R 5.00
Ice  Buckets C8 - R3 3 R 10.00
Plastic Water Flask C8 - R3 1 R 10.00
Ice Crusher C8 - R3 1 R 10.00
Light Bulbs Assorted C8 - R4 30 R 10.00
Plastic White Spoons C8 - R5 15 R 5.00
CD's  C8 - R5 230 R 2.00
Pegboard Pegs Assorted C9 - R1 200 R 1.00
Metal Upcycled Pieces C9 - R1 250 R 1.00
Brass Plated Cupboard Hinges C9 - R1 21 R 20.00
Mosaic Spreading Cards C9 - R2 100 R 1.00
Assorted Upcycled Plastic C9 - R2 0 R 0.00
LP Record Case C9 - R3 1 R 20.00
Leather Handbags C9 - R3 4 R 50.00
Purple Box C9 - R3 1 R 10.00
Vinyl 45's C9 - R4 80 R 1.00
Vinyl Used LP's C9 - R4 64 R 2.00
LP Records Projects C9 - R5 4 R 1.00
Flat Cupboard Plastic Bolts C10 - R1 8 R 1.00
Assorted Upcycled Metal C10 - R1 215 R 1.00
Metal Screw Caps C10 - R2 3 R 20.00
Metal Bottle Caps C10 - R3 3 R 20.00
Low heat Plastic Beads C10 - R4 4 R 50.00
Low heat Plastic Beads C10 - R5 4 R 50.00
Drum Mower (Pusher)   1 R 200.00
Box of wooden balls and pieces (puppets)   145 R 2.00
Dark Wood Curtain Rings   225 R 2.00
Fish Braai Grills   3 R 55.00
Wooden Bed End and Headboard   2 R 50.00
Pallets    4 R 55.00
Pallet Wine Racks   2 R 150.00
Plastic Chairs (Stool type)   17 R 10.00
Second Hand Clothing   60 R 10.00
Assorted Granite Off Cuts (Large)   7 R 200.00
Assorted Granite Off Cuts (Small)   8 R 100.00
Assorted Used Buttons   500 R 10.00
Assorted Zips SAPS   300 R 5.00
Used Press Studs   200 R 5.00
Square Mirror (570 x 800)   1 R 100.00
Second Hand Shoes   9 R 10.00
Hard Hats (No internals) C11 Top 3 R 10.00
Hard Hats Complete C11 Top 1 R 20.00
Concrete Umberella Stands   8 R 150.00
Concrete Stepping Stones   3 R 50.00
Clear Carpet Savers   4 R 100.00
Glass sheets 1.4m x .480 x.06   2 R 150.00
Black 2ltr Gift Boxes Green Room 150 R 15.00
PVC Electrical boxes, small C12 - R4 12 R 10.00
Plastic Battery Holder 2 x AA with switch C12 - R4 25 R 10.00
Fabric Pieces R10   39 R 10.00
Full Length Mirror (1325mm x 330mm) C11 - Floor 2 R 200.00
Plastic Containers (Medium)   24 R 5.00
Upcycle Painted Canvas (frames) C11 - R1 7 R 10.00
Upcycled Painted Canvas (Boards) C11 Top 4 R 10.00
Chinese Paper Lanterns (White) C11 Top 4 R 15.00
Clear Perspex Wavey Vase C11 - R1 1 R 25.00
Food Processor  C11 - R2 1 R 50.00
Assorted Glasses, wine, tumblers, mugs C11 - R4 22 R 5.00
Coffee Cups & Saucers (Blue Stripe) C11 - R4 10 R 5.00
Set of 6 Sugar Spoons & Bowl Spoon C11 - R3 1 R 50.00
Superwood Squares (500 x 500)   68 R 15.00
Computer Fans C12 - R4 28 R 15.00
Computer Fan Screens C12 - R4 35 R 1.00
Circuit Breakers Blue C12 - R3 14 R 10.00
Circuit Breakers Orange C12- R3 19 R 10.00
Contact Lens Containers C12 - R1 21 R 1.00
Lip Balm Containers C12 - R1 9 R 1.00
Mosaic Pieces (5ltr Containers)   42 R 100.00
Mosaic Pieces (Juice Containers)   57 R 30.00
Mosaic Pieces (Folded Containers)   53 R 15.00
Mosaic Tiles (2lt Ice Cream Container)   16 R 50.00
Mosaic Tiles (Small Mats)   173 R 15.00
Mosaic Mirror (Juice Containers)   12 R 30.00
Mosaic Mirror (Crates)   7 R 300.00
Mosaic Bulk (White Trunk)   1 R 1 200.00
Mosaic Boards   73 R 5.00
Brass Numbers (200mm Number 1 & 4) C11 - R3 2 R 35.00
Silicone Rubber Strips (Clear)   82 R 5.00
Wooden Top (750 x 1003 x 45)   1 R 40.00
Den Braven Silicone Nozzles (Door Stops)   500 R 1.00
Slim Tall Square Vinegar Bottles   3 R 10.00
Brass Plated Piano Hinges (Some Rust)   63 R 10.00
Rag Bags   2 R 10.00
Canvas Banner Material   50 R 5.00
Clear Plastic bottles   20 R 1.00
Green Plastic Bottles   12 R 1.00
Schools Books Grade 8 C1 - R5 7 R 30.00
Paraffin Light Flue C12 - R1 1 R 10.00
Atrificial Turf (Green)   4 R 50.00
Paraffin Hurricane Lantern Blue C11 Top 1 R 10.00
Assorted Chargers (Computer and Cellphones) C12 - R3 31 R 10.00
Tackle Box / Goodie Box (Yellow) C12 - R2 1 R 10.00
Perspex (White 1500 x 250)   3 R 50.00
Perspex (White 1500 x 360)   7 R 95.00
Perspex (White 1340 x 970)   1 R 200.00
Glass (thin)   3 R 50.00
Plastic Water Bottles (18.9ltrs) C12 - Floor 3 R 10.00
Halogen Light Stand C12 - Floor 1 R 50.00
Composite Squash Rackets   2 R 30.00
Wooden Horseshoes C12 - R2 6 R 10.00
Round Small Sponges (White) C12 - R2 14 R 1.00
White Plastic Truncking (25mm x 15mm x 1000mm)   8 R 10.00
Faux Wood Tile Strips   4 R 15.00
Ceramic Tiles (mosaic)   3 R 10.00
Gold Pens (carded)   48 R 10.00
Silver Pens (carded)   36 R 10.00
Ergonomic Wireless Mouse   5 R 30.00
Standard Wireless Mouse   34 R 20.00
iPhone 4/4S Phone Covers   65 R 10.00
iPhone 5/5S Phone Covers   8 R 10.00
iPhone 6 Plus Phone Covers   40 R 10.00
Samsung Note 3 Phone Covers   16 R 10.00
Samsung S4 Phone Covers   71 R 10.00
Samsung S4 Rubber Phone Case (Black)   36 R 15.00
Samsung S4 Rubber Phone Case (White)   44 R 15.00
Samsung S4 Rubber Phone Case (Light Blue)   5 R 15.00
Gold Pens (Loose)   28 R 10.00
Silver Pens (loose)   26 R 10.00
Infaltable Fetival Cooler Seats   25 R 150.00
Curved Glass Picture Frames (250 x 80mm)   252 R 10.00
Green Perspex   4 R 50.00
    0 R 0.00
    0 R 0.00
    0 R 0.00
    0 R 0.00
    0 R 0.00

Tired of trash? Strapped for cash?  Well here’s an idea! Use your trash to make cash! It’s called Upcycling. And it works. People are getting more and more environmentally friendly by the day so are willing to pay for stuff that is ‘eco-friendly’. Think of it: the ability to have extra money at your fingertips. Okay, in your garbage can, but it’s the same thing at the end of the day. The options are as limiting as your imagination. And if you can’t think of any cool ideas, check out this web site (stick you website in here lady}

The lists of things you can do or make are limitless. Use you old magazines or newspaper to make interesting ornaments for you home. Paper Mache is easy and best of all cheap. All you need supply is the starch or flour and the whole family can join in. have unique one of a kind bowls or nick-naks you can amaze your friends with. Or sell them for money! A coat of paint and presto!

Even things as mundane as cold drink or milk bottles can be turned into money. Make bird feeders, bangles, seed trays, pencil holders, watering cans…the choices are limitless! Use your old tin cans and decoupage them!

Give old decrepit trays a new look with some left over wrapping paper that was headed for the dustbin. Or plain white plates or cups a new lease on life with a little glass paint, or better yet, keep those old colourful plates and cups and broken tiles and when you are redecorating a room, smash them and use them as tiles and make a mural out of them.

Don’t throw old stuffed toys away. Use some wool or string and a coat hanger or two and make a mobile or grab a few pieces of tin or glass and make a wind chime.

Use your imagination! There is no limit to what you can do if you have a good imagination. Nearly anything can be reused. Old buttons or zips! Even empty paint cans. A lick of paint and they make beautiful flower pots.

Do you have odd balls of wool? Get some long dried grass or green twigs and wind it around them, a bit of wood glue and you have cool ‘ball ornaments’ that would cast you a fortune if you had to buy it. Even empty Ceres or Liqui Fruit boxes can be used. Make beautiful handbags or purses with it. Old scrap metal or wire? Turn it into a piece of art or into a holder for your eggs.

Give new life to plain cutlery with scrap wire and odd pieces of pretty stones. Empty pizza boxes covered with some funky paper, even newspaper and you have a cool filing tray. Stack a few on top of each other and you have a cabinet!

Check old magazines for useful information and keep for children’s projects. Or to line you kitty box or bird cage! Bits or ribbon or wool for stuffing or to add a bit of colour around the neck of a wine bottle painted to match your colour scheme.

Think up cycle and save the environment and save money. What can be better? One man’s trash is another man’s fortune. Don’t ask me who said it, but it sure makes sense. All you need is time, some help from your kids or parents and the sky is the limit.

Up cycle and save the planet, one coke can at a time.

Empower you mind!

Go out and find.

An old empty can

Or a poor rusty pan

Make it look new

With a nail or a screw

Fill it with sand

Or the odd cents or rand

Paint it bright blue

Or use as a clue

Or even bright red

For next to your bed

Think of the good

When you reuse old wood

So up cycle today

So the earth won’t pay.

Contact us

Who are we? - Professional Tree Huggers?

Upcycle was born from our need as creative individuals to generate usable and useful items from the things that surround us. This is to improve the lives of the people on this planet. The amount of junk thrown away each day provided us with tons of raw materials. It wasn't long before we found that we could manufacture pretty much anything from "junk", from large format art installations, to gift boxes etc... – The list is truly endless!

No, we don't get paid to hug trees; Upcycle is a company dedicated to changing the way we all look at waste. Our primary goal is to teach and empower individuals to generate their own income from the resources they have at hand. We take individuals from impoverished areas and teach them the skills they need to create useful and usable items from free and unutilized junk. Not only does this clean up the environment they live in, but also provides a source of income.

We are a creative team ready to help your company realize its dream of not having a negative impact on the planet. We can help you create ideas from your waste so that it does not end up in a landfill. Upcycle can make corporate gifts from your waste, we can put a training book together to teach communities to make a living from waste and we can even take your event and make it green!

Upcycle designs and creates new products from waste materials to share new and exciting ways for people to get involved in the green revolution. We have books and publications as well as step-by-step projects on our website. We share this information freely with everyone through our projects, ideas and articles that teach and inspire people all over the world. The aim is be to enable everyone an effective way to reduce their carbon footprint.


UPCYCLE was established and developed in South Africa by Winnie McHenry, a design and development consultant with a strong craft, decorating and design background. An enormous amount of passion, time and effort has been put into turning UPCYCLE’s mission and dream into a reality by making a difference to the planet one person at a time.

South Africa has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, this means that millions of South Africans have limited or no income. Upcycle’s experience has found it necessary to change ingrained attitudes and develop a new outlook among potential entrepreneurs by showing them how to grow an “entrepreneurial spirit”. With its extensive network, experience and successes, UPCYCLE continues to play a vital role in nurturing community-based responses to create employment opportunities and income generation through community development.

Company Profile

UPCYCLE – The Green Creative – creates green solutions for your waste, the reinvestment in the environment through reinventing waste and giving it a new purpose as opposed to recycling it.

UPCYCLE focuses on developing skills, transferring knowledge and training individuals to create and develop products from waste, creating sustainable job opportunities for unemployed people with the objective to develop an up-cycle set of skills implemented and supported by effective CSI projects.

UPCYCLE believes in empowering people to use their natural talents to provide them with enough income to support their families. Our up-cycling drive serves to bring this information back to our everyday lives in our step-by-step training courses. By empowering and training people to do something that can generate income & uplift their community, we are grooming skills that are invaluable to our country and our people.

Help us make a difference by getting involved.


Most companies have standardised their corporate gifts and stationery including event and function decor. There are very few new and exciting items in the market at the moment, and even fewer that are environmentally friendly. We estimate that 85% of corporate gifts and decor are imported, non-green items, made of potentially harmful materials that are not recycled or handmade.

UPCYCLE allows companies to promote themselves with green branding and marketing messages that include their green standing. This means that the marketing department can unlock the value in its own corporate gifts and functions and reduce its overall marketing costs.

UPCYCLE is promoting handmade products, made with recycled items, which when sold help to give groups and individuals an income for an opportunity in life.

UPCYCLE gifts were developed to feature the following key attributes:

• Up-cycled waste materials
• Personalised
• Cost effective
• Social Up-liftment
• Hand crafted
• Minimal impact on the environment
• Functional and decorative
• Sustainable and developmental

By purchasing green gifts for your corporate event you are making a difference to Mother Nature! Each item that is re-used rather than discarded relieves the impact on our industry and manufacturing processes as well as our carbon footprint as a collective.

Visit our shop to order your eco conscious gifts.


Statistics today indicate a high level of unemployment in South Africa, with thousands of people losing their jobs daily. The rate of inflation and poverty in South Africa is something that cannot be overlooked by individuals, corporate and government alike. Training people to use their natural given talent of crafting will empower them to make a better future for themselves. There will always be a need to educate people and to teach them new, exciting and valuable skills.

The crafting/product industry is vast and un-limited and is an exceptionally good way for unskilled, lower income or previously disadvantaged individuals to start a business with little investment. This can enable them to support their family. There is a huge demand internationally and locally for handmade crafts and the need for green products in the market absolutely justifies these individuals getting involved and learning crafts and other skills.

Almost everyone has a skill, hobby or craft that they partake in as a form of relaxation or income generation. As these skills are usually only learned from a family member, the products and the availability are limited. Our Upcycling drive serves to bring this information back to our ever day lives in our step-by-step projects. By empowering and teaching people how to do something that can generate income or uplift their community, we are growing skills that are invaluable to South Africa and our people.

If we at UPCYCLE can fill the need by teaching the crafter the skill, assisting them with the materials and marketing required to produce the quality crafts that are so eagerly sort after, we will have achieved much in the way of our vision, purpose and goals.

Donate junk

There are an unlimited number of companies that have waste that they cannot get rid of in a green-conscious way. Most company’s pay thousands of Rand’s every month to have their waste removed to a landfill or to be incinerated. We can take this waste and create up-cycled products instead.

UPCYCLE have incredibly dedicated partners whose donations provide invaluable materials that can be up-cycled and sold.

The destruction of waste to be upcycled into a completely different product is our forte. Swop, donate or exchange waste for the Upcycle creative community. Donate all your unwanted junk to us. Household, corporate or industry, we will do our best to find a use for everything!


Works of art from waste - We have created; Shopping Centre Decor, Upcycled Garments for Fashion Shows and other Green Eco-friendly Events.


Creating publications of your upcycled waste products – We develop training manuals, booklets and flyers on “How to Upcycle your waste products”. Also see Upcycle in the media for more details on whom we are as a company.

If you would like to get more involved please contact us:

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