ATNS - Air Traffic Navigation Services

ATNS has implemented waste management as part of the Company’s Strategy to ensure that sustainability is incorporated to the business practices. Due to the initiative being fairly new, brown bag sessions are necessary to educate and raise awareness about the significance of waste management. We have a Waste Management Policy that guides the Company when it comes to waste and therefore, as a means to encourage staff the recycled Company banners will be a way to demonstrate the 3 R’s principle and encourage making disposal the last resort as an effort towards the Company’s zero waste to landfill site approach.

 The pencil bags will be distributed to staff members that are able to attend the brown bag sessions.

Upcycle were tasked to create pencil cases out of their old pull up banners. They are strong durable and have all the companies branding on it. These pencil bags are a very effective way of helping staff to see the value in waste and create a green waste conscious mind-set!

atns pencil casescanvas pencil cases

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