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CD flower decorations

Step by step on how to recycle old CDs to create flower decorations for your walls

For any questions contact: Winnie

Add some charm to your home with these easy to make, upcycled CD flower decorations.

flower cd decorations

What you will need:

  • Old CDs to recycle
  • Glue gun
  • Craft Paint or PVA
  • Brush
  • Modge Podge or hard varnish

Step 1

Collect all the old CDs and/or DVDs that are no longer in use. Make sure that they are old and that no one needs them before recycling them!


We need to take 5 CDs to recycle and lay them bottom side up onto the table.

face up

Step 3

Paint all 5 of your petal CDs. Then paint one CD in a contrasting colour for the middle of your flower.

paint cd

Step 4

Leave your CDs to dry for at least two hours and then paint them again to get a uniform coverage.

painted cds

Step 5

>As most of us are going to be using our flowers to decorate the outside garden walls, we recommend painting them with at least three layers of modge podge or hard varnish to protect them.

Step 6

Once the recycled CDs are dry and ready to be stuck together, place your centre CD on the table and then place the outer petals around it to make sure you have a nicely shaped flower. We are now going to switch on the glue gun and get it ready.

glue cds together

Step 7

Once the glue gun has warmed up and the glue is ready, start with the first petal and put some glue near the bottom of the petal, one nice big blob of glue will do.

Now glue all the other petals in the same way, making sure you work quickly as glue from a glue gun sets very quickly as it gets cools. Once all the petals have glue on them you can stick your centre CD onto all the blobs of glue and this will keep them all together.

glue cds together using glue gun

Step 8

Leave the flower to dry for at least an hour.

Step 9

The best way to hang up your flower is to knock a concrete nail into the wall and slip the centre CD with the hole in it over the nail.

flower cd

If yo have a lot of old CDs, you can decorate an entire wall with flowers in different colours!