Light-bulb planter

180,00 ZAR each


A simple yet visually effective planter crafted from an old incandescent light bulb.

This delicate addition to your home or office decor is a great gift idea – perhaps for that special someone you want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

An up cycled shower flange is used as a stand but can also stand alone.

Comes complete with a succulent and marble potting medium.

The pot is suitable for any slow growing succulent, cactus or water loving plant and is guaranteed to provide a peaceful feng shui to your environment, be it at your desk, dinner or coffee table.   

Only R180 per pot.

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Eco friendly green gifts

Most companies have standardised their corporate gifts and stationery including event and function decor. There are very few new and exciting items in the market at the moment, and even fewer that are environmentally friendly. We estimate that 85% of corporate gifts and decor are imported, non-green items, made of potentially harmful materials that are not recycled or handmade.


UPCYCLE allows companies to promote themselves with green branding and marketing messages that include their green standing. This means that the marketing department can unlock the value in its own corporate gifts and functions and reduce its overall marketing costs.


UPCYCLE is promoting handmade products, made with recycled items, which when sold help to give groups and individuals an income for an opportunity in life.


UPCYCLE gifts were developed to feature the following key attributes:

• Up-cycled waste materials

• Personalised

• Cost effective

• Social Up-liftmen

• Hand crafted

• Minimal impact on the environment

• Functional and decorative

• Sustainable and developmental

By purchasing green gifts for your corporate event you are making a difference to Mother Nature! Each item that is re-used rather than discarded relieves the impact on our industry and manufacturing processes as well as our carbon footprint as a collective.

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