Play conference

As a research and development company focusing on creating employment from recycled materials and waste, we often get requests to do something specific for a client with a particular form of waste. This is what we do best. Throw us in the deep end and request a gift or product from your waste stream and you will be amazed at what we come up with!!

Cotlands play conference

We were asked by Cotlands to run a fun and interactive toy making activity for the delagates of the play conference held at The Randburg Towers from the 13th to the 15th of may.

Within 15 minutes we had grown up making the most fun and easy toys from waste!


play 1

This is the feedback :

Dear Winnie,
Thank you very much to yourself and your family for facilitating a session on making resources from waste.
Your presentation was hands-on and thoroughly enjoyed by all delegates. Thank you for adding activities when you realised you had more time.
I appreciate the time and effort you had taken to put all the resource packs together.
I would like to wish you everything of the best with the work you do.
Thank you for being an advocate for play!

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